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Grow Your Own Chilli Plant


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Product Description

This exclusive Grow Your Own Chilli Plant Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh home grown chillies. Great in curries or chillies, dried or fresh, the Carolina Reaper holds the Guinness World record for the hottest chill at over 2.2 million heat units compared to a jalapeno which has around 10,000, so please use sparingly! Whether a keen gardener or someone who enjoys cooking with chilli, there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own chillies at home. Our Grow your own chilli plant kit has been specifically design to the highest quality. From the wooden plant markers made from sustainable wood, to the woven coir plant pots, each element of this kit has been carefully chosen to be 100% biodegradable and eco friendly. With the ability to start growing your chillies inside at any time of the year, this truly is a gift for any occasion. With full easy to follow instructions, this kit is suitable for gardeners of all levels, from the novice through to the seasoned professional. What’s in the kit? 2 x 100% biodegradable coir plant pots. 2 x Eco-friendly organic growing pellets. 2 x 100% biodegradable wooden plant markers. 2 x Wooden pencil. 1 x Growing instruction sheet. 1 x Packet chilli seeds.

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