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Help Me Have A Mindful Of Calm ROOM SPRAY 40ML


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Product Description

In today’s busy lifestyles we spend too long living in our heads, whether it’s worrying about the past or fearing the future. It is vital to remain in the present, this way we can become aware of how our body is feeling. To learn how to breathe properly is key to staying in control of our emotions. When we were designing this scent, we wanted to provide a blend of essential oils to bring comfort to those who struggle with anxiety. By combining Frankincense, Geranium bourbon and lavender with Mindful breathing techniques we hope to help you to remain aware if how you are feeling and to be happy to let your thoughts settle to your breathing. To produce a calming environment, spray 2 -3 bursts in a room and enjoy the mood calming oils working gently to relax you.

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