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Fresher Flu Survival Kit


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Product Description

SOLD OUT! *Multi-Vitamin Spray by BetterYou* - 1 spray a day keeps the doctor away! 100 doses in each spray. *Hand sanitizer by Merci Handy* - Smells like the beach and keeps the nasties away. *Choco-Walnut Brownie by Rythm108* - Healthy treat to recover, put 10 seconds in the microwave for an amazing warm brownie. *14 sachets of Yerba Mate by Yuyo* - Energising drink without the usual coffee crash. *Sheet Fask Mask by Aeria Skin* - Put in the fridge for a few hours before using for a lovely cooling effect. A must after a night out! *3 sachets of Supreme Matcha Green Tea by Pukka* - To detoxify *Wholefood Protein Shake by Purition* - Too weak to make a meal, this Purition sachet will give you all the nutrients without the hassle. WORTH OVER £24!

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